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The Fussy Cow Website

The Fussy Cow is a quirkly named cleaning business located in NSW. The Fussy Cow approached us for a website design that would be as “fun” as their business name, incorporated “cow” elements whilst also being professional and setting them apart from the rest of the cleaning industry in their catchment area.


After initial research into what other cleaning business’s in The Fussy Cow’s space were doing, we came up with a design concept that used the cow “patches” in a sleek, minimalistic design to represent both the name and cleanliness respectively. With modern design touches on top, we established the desired professionalism The Fussy Cow sought. We combined the design elements with luxurious, clean, minimalistic imagery to reinforce and also create a “clean” and “modern” feel to the website. This approach set The Fussy Cow yards above their nearest competition.

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