VIP Club Brochure Design


Before we were “Beyond Horizon Creative” we were “Travel By Trolley Creative”. We just rebranded to a new name in response to customer feedback on our name (it was too long). Under our old branding, we had a VIP club and needed a sales brochure to provide information about the club to new members. We wanted an exclusive, luxury, it’s-all-about-you feel about the brochure to go with the purpose of the club – rewarding our clients with things they couldn’t get anywhere else, 5-star treatment and special deals.



We didn’t want to be cliché with our brochure and use the usually “VIP” type approaches to the design. We used our branding colours, combined it with high-end luxury branding and visual imagery to create the overall look and feel and then tied it in with a personal and conversational tone for the information contained in the brochure.