How to Use MailChimp for Email Marketing

Does your business use email marketing? Today, we’re going to talk about how you can use MailChimp to handle your email marketing needs.  MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing software’s used by micro and small businesses along with some bigger companies too.

Here are 6 ways your business can use MailChimp for email marketing. 


Email Newsletters

Each month (or for whatever frequency works for you), you can email your mailing list a newsletter that includes things like:

  • News and updates from your company
  • Teaser content for new products/services coming soon
  • Highlighting giveaways and competitions including those you’re holding on social platforms
  • Featuring the latest blog post/youtube video your business has released
  • Featuring articles/announcing articles your company is appearing in
  • Promo codes for any promotions you’re currently running

Pretty much anything that would be of value to your subscribers. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself – what would you most like to hear about from you each month/week/fortnight. Stuck for ideas? Why not ask your mailing list – if you don’t have one just yet, that’s ok – create some polls on your favourite social media platform and ask. Research is key here as you’ll give them what they want.


Blog Post Notifications

Do you run a blog on your website? If you do, notify your mailing list that your awesome new blog post has been released is a great way to get more eyeballs on your content. We’ve even had our subscribers forward our emails with links to blog posts to their friends because they’ve found our content so valuable. You can potentially get more subscribers for this too.

Be careful with this one though – if you have a blog you update daily, you may wish to send a weekly email with the round up to help not overwhelm your subscribers with too many emails.


Round-Up of High Quality Content

If your business isn’t the type that a newsletter works for, why not make the mailing list a valuable source of information. You can send out roundups of yours and other people’s content that help educate, inspire and provide value to your mailing list subscribers. For best results, you can even make it email only and include the full articles. If you’re using other people’s content you’ll want to make sure you get first.


Customer Education Series

Stuck for ideas what to send to your mailing list? This one is a high value providing idea. You can create a series of articles on specific topics every now and then to send to your subscribers. This shows your knowledge and caring nature towards your subscribers and they’ll love you for it.


Product Launch Sequences

If you have a new product or service launching soon, you can send out teaser emails, reminder emails and sign up emails related to it to your mailing list. Be sure not to overwhelm your mailing list or you may just lose some subscribers. This can be a great way to let people know about your new offerings.


Create Hype For New Products/Services

Similar to the last point, this one is all about creating hype. You can do teaser pieces that contain cryptic hints toward your new product that provides value. These can be articles, competitions, emails discussing your opinion on certain topics – anything you like that can create some hype for you.


Bonus Tip #1: Got a shop? You can also do these!

If you’ve got a shop on your website (and MailChimp integrates with it – see here), you can do the following:

  • Send abandoned cart emails to user’s who abandoned their cart. This will help to drive up sales.
  • First-time welcome emails – a great way to introduce new customers to your brand and community. How’s it work? Send a series of emails introducing yourself, your brand, highlight some key testimonials and show them what you can do.
  • Reward loyal customers – if you’d like to reward your spenders, you can target them with MailChimp and send them special promo codes/offers or whatever you would like to reward them with for their loyalty.
  • Send product follow up messages who buy specific products/in a certain category – here’s a way to get more bang for your buck. If you have products that lend themselves to upselling or cross-promotion, you can target people who buy the products these would be linked to and potentially earning yourself more sales.
  • Email customers based on their location – if you want to run some promotions or reward people who live in a particular area, you can do that too. Just create your email and then target those customers in a specific location.
  • Target people based on their purchase activity—including what they’ve ordered, when they’ve ordered, and how much they’ve spent. The sky’s the limit at what you could send these groups of subscribers – special deals, promo codes, gifts or simply thank you messages. It’s up to your imagination!
  • Target potential, recent, first-time, repeat, or lapsed customers and send them special messages, promo codes, gifts or discounts – it’s all up to you.
  • Showcase products directly from your shop in your email. If you’re running a special for the month or simply want to highlight a particular product, MailChimp has got you covered. It’ll take that information from your shop and insert into the email without too much effort enabling you to put your products directly in the inboxes of your subscribers.


Bonus Tip #2: Run a Service-Based Business? You can also do these!

Here are some specific service-based business use cases for MailChimp. You can:

  • Create signup sequences for your opt-in incentive/special promo subscribers – these can be emails that help showcase your brand and its values, the community you’ve created and how you can help them on their journey. Great way to showcase your knowledge and to show that you get results with the help of Case Studies.
  • Keep in touch with existing clients with new high-quality content designed specifically for them. Send out high quality articles relating to your industry at your chosen frequency to keep engaging with your subscribers.
  • Client communication! This one just makes life easier for you. We have a mailing list for all our clients to which we send out all the special announcements and information such as public holidays, closing down times, office closures, new opening hours etc. If you think the potential customers on your mailing list are likely to want to know this information you can also send it to them too.


Feeling inspired? Let’s hope so. There’s so much you can do with MailChimp for your business. With a little creativity and with MailChimp in your back pocket, you can certainly own your own email marketing!

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