Giving Back

We love to support worthy causes with our crafts and in any way we can.

How We’re Giving Back

We’ve been fortunate with our business and love to help the community and people/causes in need. We give back to the community by gifting our products and services free of charge or supporting in any way we can. Here’s who we’ve helped so far:

Himalayan Heart
A not-for-profit charity who help children with autism in Nepal. We helped them by building fund-raising brochures for events and built them a brand new website.

Queensland Am Staff Rescue
When we’re able to, we have fostered a dog to help a poor animal in need find it’s forever home. While certainly not an easy job to say goodbye, it’s worth it to save a life.

Got a cause you need help with?

We are currently looking for a number of other causes we can help with our services. If that’s you and you need something we offer or have any creative ideas about how we can help you, please get in touch.